The World Cuisine Academic Meeting in Hakodate 2nd

―High- Spirited Cooks Meet in Hakodate Again ―

A world cuisine academic meeting was first held in a Spanish port city called San Sebastiάn. It spread across the world in a big wave and lead to “The 2009 World Cuisine Academic Meeting in Hakodate”held on April 20th and 21st last year. Cooks from Spain, Singapore, and Argentina as well as Japan, attended the meeting with a high motivation for cooking and we enjoyed presentations of their resourceful recipes.

Our cuisine academic meeting differs from a so-called“cooking lecture”in that we focus on explanations about how each cook invented their own dish and the backgrounds behind each recipe. We also asked a researcher to make an attempt to back up cooking scientifically.

It’s worthy of special mention that gathering of many spirited and active cooks from various places brought forth a sense of unity across a line between speakers and the audience. We were so happy to see them exchanging opinions, sometimes so livelily, even after the meeting as if they were enjoying a training camp for cooking. What underlies such a highly-motivated meeting is, as you know, for cooks to share the passion for cooking.

We’re going to hold“The 2nd World Cuisine Academic Meeting”on September 13th and 14th so that those engaged in cooking can study and come in contact with each other. We hope that high-spirited cooks will expand exchanges in Hakodate where you can find abundant local ingredients. We also hope that this meeting will give an occasion for next-generation cooks to improve their skills, deepen their understanding of cooking, and realize a whole new cuisine world.

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